I started We Made a Wish because we couldn’t find suitable cards and gifts for eldest’s foster family. The few cards I found were American and didn’t feel right. So, I decided to make my own and my little business was born.

That was seven years ago. Things have definitely improved since then but there’s still a lack of adoption related products. Celebrating becoming a parent is something all parents should be able to do, however they come to be one.

For a lot, it’s been a long and difficult road to get there. And for adopted children, there’s been trauma and upheaval. So being able to buy products that accurately reflect all of that is really important.

Not a Fictional Mum is a breath of fresh air in the adoption community on Instagram. Her honest posts that put into words exactly how a lot of us have been feeling, are brilliant. The NFM shop stocks clothing, cards, bags and jewellery to reflect the whole host of emotions involved in becoming an adoptive family. She’s written this post all about why she felt moved into action to create her lovely products.

Dear Mr Department Store

Dear Mr Department Store

Dear Mr Department store, I came in today, headed straight for the nursery department. I’m an expectant mum you see. He’s due home any day now but you didn’t see me.” *blog excerpt.

After stuffing my face with a ‘salted tears & snotted caramel Krispy cream’ (it’s a limited edition flavour) directly after this retail experience, I dusted myself off and strutted out of the mall to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’. This wasn’t the first time.

I’ve treated myself to many a pot of ‘pic n mix’ after trying to find a suitable card. I mean, I can get my dog a birthday card which he’s obviously ecstatic about. Try to find a card for an adoptive parent. Go on, I dare you.

I started blogging, thought it better to take my frustrations out on the keyboard, hold on to the old marriage. Enter ‘Dear Mr Department Store’, one of my first ever blogs. I assumed I was special, could potentially get a lot of sympathy over this. (Encourage me to cut back on the weekend Percy Pig consumptions.)

Nope, I wasn’t quite as unique as I’d hoped. My inbox was inundated daily with other parents, prospective adopters, single adopters, same sex adopters who shared exactly the same frustrations. Not one ounce of sympathy for yours truly.

It really grated on me! It grated on my husband too, purely because he was having to listen to outbursts of “It’s outrageous isn’t it! This is the 21st century” and “It’s about recognition NFD” followed by my all-time favourite crisis outburst “what would Beyonce do?!”

Taking action

She would get up off that wonderful posterior of hers, set up her own online store. No. Her own brand! It would be stylish but powerful. It would mean something. She would donate to charity. It would be inclusive and the packaging would be eco-friendly. ( I would hazard a guess that she’s up for saving the planet as well as ruling the world.”)

I digress. Cut a long story short. This is what I’ve done. I’m still working on the wonderful posterior bit (I’m actually squatting as I type this) but I’ve done the rest.

Shopnotafictionalmum is an Inclusive retail environment for all types of families. Currently offering hand stamped clothing and accessories. 10% of all sales profits go directly to Barnardo’s UK, the charity that helped me fulfil my dream of becoming a mother.

You’re all so very welcome to step inside. If there’s something I’ve missed or you would love to see up there please let me know.

Lots of love,


not a fictional mum jewellary

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