This month’s “Spotlight on” features Adoption Focus. They’re a friendly, experienced and highly committed voluntary adoption agency based in Birmingham, Staffordshire and Oxfordshire. They offer their services to prospective adopters within a 50-mile radius of each of their locations.

Adoption Focus

About Us

Adoption Focus specialises in adoption and we will give you all the help and support you need on your journey into parenthood and beyond.

We are a dedicated and experienced adoption agency, rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted on each occasion we have been inspected – most recently in 2018.

At Adoption Focus, we believe all children should have a loving and stable family home. We work with individuals, couples and families from all kinds of backgrounds to achieve this for children who need to be adopted.

Our Services

Adoption Focus offers adoption services to people living across the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. We recruit, assess and prepare prospective adopters. Following approval, we work with Local Authorities from across the UK to place children with them.

Our vision is to provide every child who needs a new family, with adopters who want to parent them with care, love and understanding.

We believe that:

  • every child should enjoy their childhood
  • for children who cannot stay with their birth family, well-informed and properly supported adoptive families provide the best opportunity for them to have the childhood they need
  • every person who wants to adopt should be provided with a highly professional, knowledgeable and expert service
  • adopters make the difference to children’s lives and should be properly acknowledged for this
  • our adoptive families should enjoy family life – we will do all we can to support them in their parenting for as long as they need us, as their children grow into adulthood

We also provide early permanence placements through the Triangle Project. Early permanence placements see children placed with approved adopters who have also been approved as foster carers. This enables the children to experience a loving, settled and secure home as quickly as possible.

These placements are intended to speed up a child’s journey through care and minimise the disruption of repeated moves to different families. The Triangle Project was established by Adoption Focus and registered separately with Ofsted in 2018 for the specific purpose of providing these child-focused placements.

Adoption Focus

Adoption Support

Our comprehensive adoption support begins the moment people enter our adoption process and lasts a lifetime. It can be in the form of training and workshops, direct work with children or families, a referral to our buddy scheme, expert advice, work with schools or just a chat to help reassure parents that they’re not alone.

“The ongoing support and training provided make this agency a leader in providing adoption and support services.”

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2018

‘Nurture the Journey’, our adoption support package, is tailored to the needs of each family. This programme is offered to everyone who registers to adopt with Adoption Focus. ‘Nurture the Journey’ commences as soon as applicants enter into Stage One training. It continues throughout the process and into placement

“There is an exceptional range of pre and post adoption training and workshops available to adopters through the agency’s ‘nurture the journey’ programme. This aims to build adopters’ knowledge, confidence and capacity to meet the developing needs of their children.”

What our adopters say

“As an adopted individual as well as an adopter, the supportive, inclusive and child-centred approach of Adoption Focus made us feel secure and supported at all times.”

“From the very beginning we have been highly impressed with the level of professionalism, courtesy and deft touch with which everything has been handled. Every aspect has been so well thought through, looking at the process through the eyes of prospective adopters. Thank you for all your support.”

“She jumped into my arms shouting ‘Mummy’! Best. Moment. Ever. It wouldn’t have happened without the support of Adoption Focus.”

“Adoption Focus is part of our family. The agency involvement doesn’t stop at placement. It’s constantly there for support, reassurance or just a friendly shoulder to cry on! Meeting other adopters, many who share similar journeys to ourselves, through social activities is so rewarding and supportive. Although we have never needed any formal help, knowing that experienced and friendly professional advice is only a phone call away is imperative for anyone about to start their adoption journey.”


Find out more

You can contact us by email at or by phone on 0121 779 0891. We have social workers on duty every weekday available to answer any questions you may have.

Find us on social media:

Join us for one of our information events. Ordinarily, we hold events regularly in each of our regions. Because of the current restrictions, we’re now offering weekly online events. These consist of a presentation followed by the opportunity to speak confidentially with a member of our team. You can find out more here


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