Hello, I’m Suzy creator of We Made a Wish. I’m an adoptive mum to two beautiful girls who crept into our hearts four years apart. We Made a Wish grew from my desire to create beautiful things to celebrate adoption and families. It brings together my love for adoption, shopping and writing.


I’ve created an online magazine to promote openness and awareness about adoption in the UK. It’ll focus mainly on the process in England as that’s the system I know about, but hopefully as the magazines evolves, there’ll be articles about the process elsewhere in the UK.

There’ll be new content every week: 

Mondays will share stories from adopters, adoptees and hopefully birth parents to show a wide range of experiences.  

Every other Wednesday will alternate between spotlighting an adoption agency and an adoption book review. 

Fridays will be articles about a wide range of issues relating to adoption, sometimes written by me, sometimes by experts or others who have experience of the particular topic.

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute to the magazine.  


When we adopted our eldest daughter, I struggled to find cards and gifts for her foster family and our social worker, that let them know how grateful we were for keeping her safe until we met her. I decided to make cards for them myself and We Made a Wish was born.

We now sell gifts and clothing keepsakes to celebrate adoption and families. All cards and framed pictures can have your choice of wording added to fit whatever celebration they’re for. I make the cards and frames and my very clever big sister makes the clothing keepsakes. 

I wanted to create clothing keepsakes to help preserve the special memories items of clothing hold. We have blankets made from the clothes our daughters wore during introductions. Seeing them takes me right back to the wonderful memories I have of when we met our precious girls for the first time.

We also sell reusable wipes and cloths and prints for the home. 

Work with me

I love to write and find it therapeutic to let words take me away from the realities of everyday life. My book “Running Scared” was started on our honeymoon and I self-published it through Amazon the week before we met our eldest daughter. I have also self-published a selection of blog posts written about the first part of our adoption journey.

I have diplomas in Copywriting and Professional Freelance Journalism from the British College of Journalism. I have nearly 20 years’ experience in the legal profession where I’ve had to help write logical, clear and reasoned judgments from a jumble of thoughts.

If you’d like me to write something for you, please get in touch.