Book review: Who Hides Here? Footprints on the Farm


I was asked a couple of years ago by Rachel Coverdale to review her first book in the Who Hides Here? series. It is about the animals that live in the garden which little Miss really enjoyed. Here’s my review of it. We were really excited when Rachel contacted me recently to see if I wanted to review the second book in the series. We have been gifted a copy of the book in return for sharing our views of it.

Who Hides Here? Footprints on the Farm looks at the footprints that animals living on farms and in the countryside make. It encourages children to look out for the footprints when they’re out and about.

The timing of the request to review the book was perfect. We’ve recently stayed in a beautiful cottage on a farm and the garden was joined to a field where 2 horses lived. The children loved going to say hello to the horses every day. It rained quite a bit so little Miss saw lots of hoof prints in the field and path.

She isn’t very confident around animals so this was the perfect opportunity for her to get up close to big animals like horses. At first she wouldn’t go anywhere near them. But by the time we left, she was wanting to go and see them a couple of times a day. We could see her willing herself to get a bit closer each time. She loved talking to them and it was lovely to see her confidence grow.

Her little sister is the exact opposite. We had to keep her at a safe distance otherwise she would have been pulling their hair and trying to tickle them.

It was a very different experience reading this book with little Miss to the first time we did the review. She’s 5 now and her reading has come on a lot over the last few months. I love that she adores books as much as I do. She read some of the words and I read the ones she got stuck on.

The book has 7 sets of footprints for the reader to guess who they belong to. The first animal is a cow and she guessed who the footprints belonged to straight away. When we got to the horse ones, we had a lovely conversation about the horses we’d seen on holiday. I think her favourite was the frog as she spent then next half hour pretending to be a frog.

There’s a page to put your child’s photo in and a sneaky visitor who photobombs all of the pictures of the animals. Little Miss enjoyed going back and spotting them all. There’s also a colouring page and a puzzle at the end to link up the animals to their footprints.

The book is a lovely way of getting little minds thinking about the animals that live in the countryside. It’s an easy book to read with beautiful illustrations. We’re going to make sure we have a trip to a farm over the summer holidays. Hopefully there’ll be lots of footprints around so we can guess the animals they belong to.

Who Hides Here? Footprints on the Farm is available to buy from Amazon.


  1. Thank you so much for this delightful review. I’m really happy that your children got so much from it and especially that it helped Little Miss become more confident around animals. Rain is indeed a great way to find animal footprints 🙂


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