However your family is created, adding to it with a new sibling brings a mixture of emotions for the whole family. But particularly for your children. When we decided we wanted to be assessed for our youngest daughter, I couldn’t find any books that would help our eldest understand what becoming a big sister meant, and how it would happen.

She was four at the time and knew that some of her friends had become big brothers and sisters. But their mummies had all given birth. Although she knew she didn’t grow in my tummy, she struggled to understand how the process was going to work for her. Having a book to read about it would’ve really helped.

When Holly Marlow asked if I’d like to review her new book, I was delighted because it’s exactly the book I wish we’d had for our eldest daughter. Holly’s new book is called “Adopting a Little Brother or Sister”. And, as the name suggests, it explains to young children what happens when they become a big brother or sister through adoption. I was kindly gifted an electronic copy of the book so I could write the review.

Adopting a Little Brother or Sister front cover

What I liked straight away about the book is that the front cover is very different. The whole of the book has a black background which may sound odd, but works beautifully to showcase the brilliant illustrations created by Holly’s daughter, Zoe. I think the front cover will connect with the book’s young readers and help them feel that the book is for them, not the adults in their lives.

The story is about a little boy whose family are adopting a little brother or sister. It explains the stages in an age appropriate way, introducing people like social workers and the role they have.

I think our daughter struggled to understand what our social worker did. She remembered our original social worker from when we adopted her, because she’d seen photos of her in her life story book. Meeting a new social worker was confusing for her. Being able to read a book like would’ve really helped.

The book looks at what the social worker’s job is and the types of questions they might ask. This part really resonated with me because I can remember our daughter being asked how she would feel about sharing her toys with her little sister. She said she’d be happy to share them, as long as her little sister looked after them and gave them back.

The story then moves on to look at what happens when a child finds out about their little brother or sister and the mechanics of bringing them home. There’s some great questions at the end of the book to use to start conversations with your child about becoming a brother or sister through adoption.

The book is perfect for biological and adopted children to read to help them understand the process of becoming a sibling through adoption. It’s also a great read for their friends so they can understand it too.

Adopting a Little Brother or Sister is available to buy from Amazon. If you’d like to find out more about Holly, click here to read her article about her first book, “Delly Duck: Why A Little Chick Couldn’t Stay With His Birth Mother”. If you’d like to read more reviews of adoption and parenting books, click here

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