If you’ve been a reader of the magazine for a while, you’ll know we love reviewing books written by Rachel Coverdale. Her “Footprints” series has given us lots of fun when we’ve been out and about, looking to see which animals have left their mark on the ground.

We’ve also loved reading Rachel’s “Robberty Bobberty” books, so we were excited to be asked to review her latest release. We were kindly gifted a copy of the book so we could review it.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Shelly Oyston who brings the story to life. The pictures are what my youngest daughter uses to learn about the story. She’s not reading yet but loved looking at the pictures herself and asking questions about the characters.

My eldest read the book to me and her sister. It’s a lovely rhyming story about a group of five friends who go out and explore nature near where they live. They discover lots of different animals and colours which make them happy.

As they’re exploring, the friends come across a butterfly who has lost all of her colour. Keen to help, the friends use the colours they discovered on their walk, to help their new friend.

My girls loved reading the book. It sparked a conversation between them about colours and which was their favourite. And then my eldest explained how some colours are made up by mixing others which delighted her younger sister.

They wanted to try making the colours they’d read about so got out their pens and experimented. My youngest was delighted when she made purple (my favourite colour) from blue and red.

Book review Robberty Bobberty
Book review Robberty Bobberty

The book also sparked a conversation about friends helping each other out. And we talked about what makes a good friend. Both girls agreed that having kind friends and being one back is important.

You can find out more about Rachel and her books on her website. “Robberty Bobberty and the Butterfly Who Lost Her Colours” is available to buy from Waterstones and Amazon.

This review contains affiliate links. That means if you click on the links in the article to any of the books, and then buy them, I get paid a fee from Amazon or Waterstones.

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