One of the things I struggled to find when we started our adoption journey, were books about the adoption process and parenting adopted children. The best way to find good books on a topic you’re looking for, is to read reviews. So, I’m going to publish regular reviews of adoption books.  Most will be non-fiction but there may be the odd fiction review too.

Please note that most reviews will include affiliate links for the book. That means if you click on the link in the article to the book, and then buy it, I get paid a fee from Amazon.

First up is “The Family Fairies” by Rosemary Lucas. It is a rhyming storybook following the journey of a special couple on their search to find their forever family. 

It’s written for adopted children to help them understand the role of the people involved in finding their forever family. Social workers and foster carers are referred to as “Family Fairies”.

The book covers how families come together and refers to key stages of the adoption process in a child focused way.

The book has been reviewed by Hayley who is mum to a two year old.


“The Family Fairies” is a beautiful book that explains the adoption process in simple terms for children to understand. The first time I read it aloud to my daughter, I had a lump in my throat and struggled to finish it. 

My little one is two. Although she’s too young to fully understand what’s happening, she loves this book and knows it’s about her.  So much so that she always wants to skip through a lot of the story and head straight to the part when we meet her. 

She loves the part where we say this story is “all about….YOU”. She looks so proud of herself, which is what we’re aiming for. 

We all want our children to embrace adoption and be proud of it. This book is a perfect way to get the message across in those early years. The idea of using fairies and their spells to help bring a forever family together engages children. It makes the whole experience magical for them.  

I would definitely recommend adding this book to your collection.

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