Over the last few years, our eldest daughter and I have loved reviewing the “Who Hides Here” series of books written by Rachel Coverdale. They’re lovely picture books which are beautifully illustrated by Shelly Oyston.

The books are designed to help children take note of the footprints animals leave in the world around us. They help children engage with nature, and learn about animals and their habitat.

I was delighted when Rachel contacted us to ask us to review her latest book “Who Hides Here? Footprints at the Seaside.” We were kindly gifted a copy of the book so we could review it.

Footprints at the seaside


Our girls love going to the beach and we’ve often had conversations about what type of animal or bird has left marks we’ve seen in the sand. So, this book has come at a great time for us to be armed with lots of knowledge when we head out to the beach over the summer.

The book is a rhyming story book which engages young children and gets them to guess which animal is being described. Our eldest read the book to me and loved guessing which animal left the footprints or marks in the sand.

Her favourite cuddly toy at the moment is a lovely seal, so she loved seeing the beautiful illustration on the front of the book. She managed to guess about half of the animals – she said the dog was the easiest one to guess!

She was particularly intrigued by the mounds and marks left by the lug worm. We’ve often seen these mounds on the beach, and she always asks what animal makes them.


There are some activities at the back of the book which she really enjoyed doing. She thought it was funny that she hadn’t noticed any of the kite’s until we went back and looked for them all.

She then read the book to her little sister, which is a good sign that she’s enjoyed it! We can’t wait to go to the beach now and see which footprints we can spot.

We loved reading the book and would recommend it to parents who are heading to the beach with their kids this summer.

You can buy “Who Hides Here? Footprints at the Seaside” from bookshops like Waterstones, and if you’d like to find out more about Rachel and all her books, visit her website.

Please note that if you click on the link to the book, and then buy it, I get paid a fee from Waterstones.

Footprints at the seaside
Footprints at the seaside

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