Working from home has so many benefits for a lot of us. But one of the things I’ve noticed since I left paid employment and started to work for myself full-time is that I struggle to fit in exercise.

Being able to fit in exercise is something I thought would be so much easier when I started working for myself. But so far, it hasn’t worked out like that. I’ve had to accept that at the moment, I can’t get up early enough to exercise before the school run. And now that the nights are longer and it gets dark earlier, exercising in an evening doesn’t work for me either.

That leaves during the day when the kids are at school. Despite my best intentions, it just isn’t happening for me. I’m still in the early days of my business and I feel like I need to be working on or in it, all of the time. And at the moment, I feel that I can’t justify spending time exercising during the day.

So, what’s the solution? I need to do something to keep my body and my mind healthy and the longer I leave doing anything, the harder it will be to get back into it. Here’s some options I’ve found for exercising at work.

Work out at your desk

This is an option I hadn’t thought of but on the face of it, it ticks all the boxes. Perhaps one of the benefits of lockdown and more people working from home, is that the fitness equipment industry has created products that we can use at our desks.

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There’s a range of equipment you can buy that’s designed to be used at a desk. I like the idea of getting a cardio workout while I’m typing by using desk exercise equipment such as a stepper or minibike. The beauty of these machines is that they fit under your desk and can be used easily while you’re there. If I’m focused on work, I don’t want to have to get up to access a piece of equipment so these desk machines would be perfect.

A walking desk

Unfortunately, a walking desk doesn’t do the exercise for you, but lets you walk (or run) while you work at your computer. At first glance, this is an expensive option. But with many of us now being given the flexibility to work from home and an equipment allowance, this is a sound investment if you’re serious about improving your fitness while you work.

I would imagine it takes a bit of practice to be able to jog and type at the same time, but if you’re an experienced runner, this may be a great option. Running isn’t my thing, but I love to walk and like the sound of this. So, it’s on my wish-list.

A stand-up desk

Standing up while you work can help to improve your circulation and posture. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to go straight into a day of standing but building up gradually and even doing an hour a day will be of benefit. You’ll need a desk that’s adjustable so you can get it at the right level for you.

If you’re feeling in need of an added challenge, why not add a balancing board into the mix? They’re great to use with a standing desk and can help to improve your brain function, balance, and develop core muscles.

Desk exercises

If you don’t want to buy any equipment, there’s a lot of exercising you can do at your desk. You could try wall or desk push-ups; calf raises and knee squats; or triceps stretches and neck rolls. There are many blog posts and online desk workouts you can try that are free.

I’d love to know whether you exercise at your desk and if you do, what do you enjoy the most? It’s definitely something I need to start doing to help improve my health and well-being.

desk exercises
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