Must have Valentine’s Jellycats 2024

Jellycat toys. Pink Jellycat bunny

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With less than 3 weeks until the most lovable day of the year, will you be investing in a Valentine’s Jellycat soft toy this February?

As insanely popular plushies, no doubt there will be hundreds of couples and families alike indulging in the third-most-popular soft toy brand in the world – either as a gift or to help set the mood.

But what will be on their Valentine’s shopping list?

Bestselling Valentine’s Jellcats 2024

Jellycat toys. White bunny holding a red heart Jellycat toy

Bashful Red Love Heart Bunny by Jellycat

A brand-spanking new addition to the beloved Bashful bunnies range, we anticipate that the Bashful Red Love Hear Bunny will sell like hotcakes.

With the same touchable soft downy fur, adorable floppy ears, and a large red heart clutched between their paws – is there a better way to demonstrate your love this Valentine’s?

It is also a suitable way to celebrate all kinds of love, from friendships to familial relationships and romantic entanglements alike – making it suitable for all.

Jellycat toys. Heart-shaped Jellycat toy

Amusable Red Heart (New Design) by Jellycat

An updated design from the original Amusable Red Heart, this new Valentine’s special features adorable reaching corduroy arms, perfect for warm snuggles with your loved ones.

With the classic black bead eyes and a large grin, you’ll remember from the original, you can bring in the Valentine’s period with the perfect amount of squish, joy, and fun this February.

Please note, this design is also available in pink or as a mini handbag charm!

Jellycat soft toys. Heart-shaped sheep

Aimee Sheep by Jellycat

A heart-shaped wonder, designed to bring love just to ewe, Aimee Sheep is the perfect way to show your love to any animal lover this Valentine’s Day.

With dense fur and cute coordinating-coloured limbs, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a cuter friend – making her the perfect symbol of love for your herd.

Jellycat toys. Frog Jellycat

Fabian Frog by Jellycat

There’s no need to kiss any more frogs to find your Prince this Valentine’s Day, Fabian Frog is here to complete your power couple.

Fabian has a fuzzy green finish and is perfectly weighted for boundless fun and cuddles – however, you want to pass the most romantic season of all.

Great for imaginative play, storytelling, or a sweet gift, is Fabian the Frog the Valentine’s Jellycat you are looking for?

Jellycat toys. Two lock shaped toys

Amusable Love Locks by Jellycat

Based on the romantic love locks that cover bridges across the world, seal your love forevermore with your very own plushie Valentine’s Jellycat padlocks.

With a contrasting silver and gold design, complete with shimmering metallic threads, you’d be hard-pushed to resist this pair of long-locked lovers!

Ideal for celebrating romantic love with the one who has the key to your heart.

Valentine’s Jellycat plushies – the best gift for Valentine’s 2024

Now you know our favourites, which Valentine’s Jellycat will you choose to help your celebrations go with a bang?

Just remember – always shop with an official Jellycat supplier to avoid disappointment!


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