Why a TV makes a great gift at Christmas

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Looking for the perfect gift?

Something personal, thoughtful, and useful?

Finding something that meets all these criteria without leaving the recipient feeling underwhelmed and trying to politely ask for the receipt is hard work.   

But it doesn’t have to be.

Actually, finding a gift that is as exciting as it is practical – and that doesn’t need to involve trawling the shops for hours on end – is much easier than you might think.

The answer lies in one simple gift – a new TV.

Want to find out more about why TVs make a great Christmas present? Keep reading.

Why a TV should be top of your gift list

More for your money

Why settle for one gift when you can have three?

With a new smart TV, you’re not ‘just’ getting a TV. You also gain access to hundreds of free movies and shows, a great screen for gaming, a sound system for listening to your favourite tunes and much more!

Making a new TV the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Put a stop to arguments

Who doesn’t want to be in charge of the remote at Christmas?

A recent poll found that, on average, couples argue four times a week over the TV. A whopping 44% resort to moving to another room to avoid further disagreement, and 27% have ended up buying another TV as a result.

Keen to keep the peace? Then why not buy your loved one a new TV? Set it up in the spare room, kitchen or bedroom and it promises to bring more joy – and less squabbles!

Shop to your budget

Worried buying a TV will be a little too flashy for your gift list?

It doesn’t have to be.

Look out for Black Friday deals and special offers in the run-up to Christmas – there are often heaps of great deals to be had.

Worth too, looking for retailers offering finance deals so you can manage payments and keep things affordable.

Don’t forget, there are 1000s of TVs on the market, so shop around to find one that fits your budget. Keep in mind that little compromises, such as a slightly smaller screen size, can have a big impact on price.

Please everyone

Struggling with a few ‘hard to buy for’ people on your list? Not sure what they like? With a TV you don’t need to know. Whether it’s nail-biting dramas, horror movies, reality TV, documentaries or cartoons, the choice is theirs, taking the guesswork out of great gifting!

Perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults alike, this is a gift that works for all generations. So, if things feel a little pricey, how about spreading the cost with a TV as a combined present for all the family? Share the joy (and the expense) and tick off several people from your list in one go.

Sounds like smart shopping to us.

Christmas shopping made easy  

Whether it’s a treat for one, for two – or for you – a new TV is a gift that’s guaranteed to delight this Christmas. 

To check out a great range of TVs for sale, why not visit Martin Dawes? As experienced electrical retailers, they offer a great range of all the big-name brands at hugely competitive prices.

Pop into the store or buy online for present buying made super easy.

TV gifts. Man sitting in front of large TV screen
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