A Brief Overview of Sports Goggles

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Everything You Need to Know about Sports Goggles

One of the most important tools in a sportsman’s arsenal is their eyewear. Exceptionally crystal clear vision is a major factor that determines the outcome of a game. Whether it is golf, football, tennis, cricket, or hockey, an immaculate vision is the anchor of good performance and safety. In addition, the right sports goggles are not only important for professional players, but also sports enthusiasts, and even spectators. 

The contemporary sports eyewear market is inundated with options. For instance, you can get the perfect coloured lenses for winter sports, indoor sports, water sports, and more. In addition, there are a range of design and material choices too. If you are allergic or have hypersensitive skin, then TR90 sports frames are ideal. So, if you want to know about the A to Z of sports eyeglasses, then this post has got your back!

Benefits of Sports Goggles

As someone who has been wearing sports glasses for quite some, I can assure you that they come with major benefits, which include –

  1. Eye Safety and Protection 

To begin with, sports glasses offer immaculate protection against any kind of impact to the eyes. They are made of incredibly strong and resilient lenses and frames, and thus, your eyes remain protected to a considerable extent. Whether you want to safeguard your eyes from external debris, dust, strong winds, etc, sports glasses are the perfect solution.

  1. Excellent Grip and Fit

The second reason why sports glasses are worth every penny is their phenomenal grip and fit. As it is obvious, sports is a sweaty endeavour. However, the intense perspiration means that generic glasses slip and slide, and obstruct your performance. Many sportspersons, including myself, have experienced the instability issue of everyday glasses. They are unable to stay put when you move fast or collide with something. However, sports goggles have an impeccable fit, a stellar grip, add-ons, like straps to ensure stability and the most snug fit ever.

  1. Anti-fog Finish 

The third major benefit of sports eyewear is its anti-fog finish. Temperature and humidity happens daily and they can cause the lenses of any spectacle to fog up. However, the right sports glasses are equipped with anti-fog technology, so that you can focus on your performance unhindered.

  1. Impact-resistant Lenses

Sports glasses are highly sought-after because of their shatter–resistant lenses. Unlike conventional eyewear. Sports goggles do not give up in the crucial moments that matter the most. Being made of the toughest polycarbonate, which is impervious to high-levels of impact such as the hit by ball, sports eyeglasses truly stand out among the crowd. Thus, your vision remains safe even during the most arduous situations.

  1. Phenomenal Comfort

The fifth major benefit of sports glasses is their comfort. In fact, they eliminate the need to wear a double lens, and the snug design and cushion padding also keep irritation and skin-diggin at bay. 

  1. Customisable Tints

Unlike generic glasses that come with a clear lens, sports goggles are truly different. Their lenses are customisable, so that you have the right pair for every type of game. For instance, if you are a tennis player, you would want your glasses to offer a more clear and acute visual of the ball, whose lime-green colours match the grass ahead. Normal or clear lenses do not serve the purpose, but sports glasses with grey or brown tint offer phenomenal contrast and colour perception, so that you can see the tennis ball distinctly. 

Now that we have touched upon the six benefits of sports glasses, let us dive further into the topic.

Best Sports Glasses for Different Sports

  1. Cricket

The best glasses for cricket are those that enhance visibility and increase your chances of a successful catch. Some of the qualities that your cricket sports glass should have include light-weight, impact-resistance, UV protection, and anti-glare.

  1. Cycling

The best cycling glasses are those that have a snug fit, are comfortable, and bolter contrast colour and clarity. Furthermore, when it comes to lenses, red tints are great, as they offer phenomenal depth perception, increase driving visibility, and also offer some amount of protection against UV rays.

  1. Golf

The right type of golf sports glasses are those with amber or brown lens tints. Such tints minimise the glare on field, offer a sharper image of the greenery, heighten colour contrast, and increase field visibility. 

So, I hope my two cents on sports goggles was helpful. Well, whatever your relationship with sports is, whenever you are on field or even watching a game live, it is highly advisable to keep your eyes protected with the right eyewear. 

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