AdoptyMum is written by Elena Holmes. It’s an honest and at times humorous account of dealing with infertility and moving on to adoption. The book covers a whole host of topics from making the adoption application to celebrations of progress and developing attachments.

Miriam Quinn is an approved adopter and has written this review about the book.

Adopty Mum

I bought AdoptyMum after following the author on Instagram and reading positive reviews. I gained so much from reading real stories from adopters as we went through the adoption assessment. AdoptyMum added to my collection as a real, honest, funny and heart-warming account of the author’s adoption story.

Each chapter relates to a different aspect of their journey. There are very practical and down to earth accounts of their day to day experiences of real life experiences like holidays, schooling, making friends and meeting strangers.

The book is an easy and relaxed read whilst still addressing the ups and downs of a very challenging journey. It doesn’t “sugar coat” reality. The book made me laugh and cry in parts. At times felt like I was listening to an old friend.

The descriptions of how the family as a whole address and cope with situations are so helpful. I know every child and family will encounter different issues, but this book made me feel confident that I too can deal with whatever comes next.

My partner and I have recently been approved to adopt and are waiting to be matched. I’m sure Adoptymum is a book I‘ll refer to again and again as we find and move forwards with our very own Adoptyfamily.

You can buy AdoptyMum from Elena’s website.




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