Eldest and I have reviewed all of the Who Hides Here? books written by Rachel Coverdale, so we were delighted when Rachel asked us to look at Footprints in the Forest. We were kindly gifted a copy of the book so that we could read it and do the review. The book is beautifully illustrated by Shelly Oyston.

Who Hides Here?

The Who Hides Here? series of books are all about getting our kids out and about and aware of the nature that lives alongside us. They encourage kids to take notice of the trails animals leave so that they know which animals are around. They also teach about respecting the places animals live.

I think there’s something really magical about forests so Footprints in the Forest is my favourite in the series. We’ve got a Dene at the bottom of our street which eldest and I have explored a lot during lockdown. We’ve had some lovely magical walks there, looking for fairies and guessing which animals have left footprints. Eldest guessed quite a few of the animals in Footprints in the Forest because we’d seen some of the footprints on our walks in the Dene.

Who Hides Here

Her favourite animal in the book is the rabbit. She guessed the footprints straight away. There’s a lot of rabbits bouncing around near her Granma’s caravan and she loves watching them play together. The rabbit is also my favourite illustration in the book.

All of the books have some interactive pages at the back. We usually put a photo of eldest in the space for a picture, but with this book, she decided to draw a picture of herself. She loved colouring in the snakes and matching the footprints to the animals. She’s recently started to enjoy doing spot the difference quizzes (usually of Disney Princesses!) so she loved doing this page too.


I’d definitely recommend this and the other books in the series. They’re lovely story books with beautiful illustrations to help kids learn about nature. They’re a good size so will easily fit into a backpack to take with you on days out.

Who Hides Here? Footprints in the Forest is available to buy now from Amazon


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