No Makeup Makeup Look: How to Embrace the ‘Less is More’ Trend

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Have you noticed that more and more people, including celebrities, have adopted a no-makeup look? The trend involves a more natural look that enhances your features, revealing your natural beauty. However, this look isn’t just about not wearing makeup at all, but about choosing the right makeup products and applying them properly. This is what you should know about this trend.

Choose High-Quality Skincare Products

The first piece of a great natural look is high-quality skincare. You want your skin to look great and glow naturally. You should have a gentle, effective cleanser, pH-balancing toner, and high-quality moisturizer. Add eye creams, serums, and an exfoliating mask. However, make sure everything you use works well for your skin type, and avoid mixing manufacturers in your skincare products because they may not be compatible.

Use a Primer

If you want your makeup to look flawless and more natural, you should start your application with a primer. This gives you a good base that holds your makeup on your skin properly. It keeps it fresher during the day and helps you gain a smoother application. Choose a lightweight option for a healthy glow.

Find a Lightweight Foundation

Consider your foundation. Do you use a heavier full- or medium-coverage option? To get a more natural look, you may choose a lightweight product. You can find options with an SPF to protect your skin, but you should show off your skin’s natural beauty, just enhanced a little. Use concealer to correct spots. Just brush it on your dark spots, under-eye bags, pimples, or other imperfections.

Then, cover it with a light foundation. However, make sure your foundation is the right color for your skin so it seamlessly blends.

Use Cream Products

Cream products, such as blush, foundation, and bronzer, give your skin an even finish. They still cover any imperfections you may have, but they do so more naturally. They also don’t cake or crack like powdered products can. In addition, you will find a better blend with products like a cream bronzer.

Enhance Your Lips

Instead of using dark or bold lipstick, consider an option that enhances your lip color. For example, you can choose a tinted lip balm or lip gloss. You only need a slight coloration. However, your products should provide moisture and UV protection. Then, choose a nude or light pink lip liner.

Attend to Your Brows and Lashes

Your brows should have a defined shape. Groom them, but don’t make them too harsh. Add depth with an eyebrow pencil. Then, take time to curl your lashes. Choose a mascara that will lengthen and slightly darken your lashes. Then, apply it in a light coat.

Use Natural Shades

Although you may want a slight blush on your cheeks, the no-makeup look requires more neutral tones. Therefore, soften your eyeliner to a less dramatic color, such as bronze or light brown. You can also match your eyelash color if your lashes are darker. Your eyeshadow should also be in shades of taupe or light pink with a slightly darker shade of the same color applied in the crease of your eyelid. Choose matte over shimmery options.

As you follow these steps, test out different products, such as  Patrick Ta lip crème, that enhance your no-makeup makeup.

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