I came across The Blanket Bears by chance after reading a post about it on Instagram. I’m so glad that I did as it’s such a lovely book. It’s a story book, written by Samuel Langley-Swain and beautifully illustrated by Ashlee Spink. The book gently explains adoption to young children.

The story centres on two little bears who had no-one to take care of them. Tilly found them shivering in the woods. She looked after them and took them to Bailey and Niko who are foster care bears. The story then follows the two bears as they settle into their new home. It explores Tilly’s role in finding them a forever family and then describes how they found out about and met their forever parents.

The book is a great starting point to introduce the roles of all the people involved in an adopted child’s story. Our eldest was five when we discovered the book, so she knew all about her birth family. When we started to read it, she didn’t understand quite so much the process that brought her to us. Blanket Bears is one of the best books I’ve found the help explain the role of social workers and foster carers.

Blanket Bears

When we read it, we sometimes use the name of our daughter’s social worker instead of Tilly. Our eldest has a strong understanding of who her foster carers are. Her younger sister lived with the same carers for the first few months of her life. And so eldest met them again during introductions with youngest. She sometimes uses their names instead of Bailey and Niko when we read the story. I love it when she does because it shows how far she’s come in understanding her history.

The Blanket Bears is a beautiful book to help adopted children understand the process that brought them to their forever family. But it’s also a great book for young relatives to read too, to help them understand the adoption process. So, I would highly recommend it to adopters and their extended families.

The Blanket Bears is available to buy here from Owlet Press



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