When we first started our adoption journey, there weren’t good children’s books that explained the process. Fast forward a few years and I pleased to see so many wonderful children’s adoption books available. They’re mainly written by adopters and introduce some of the big issues around adoption, in a child-friendly way.

I’ve been lucky enough to review a lot of children’s adoption books over the last few years. This article is a roundup of some of those books. Many of the reviews contain affiliate links which means if you click on the book link and then buy it, I get paid a small fee from Waterstones or Amazon.

The Blanket Bears

This is one of our favourite books. It follows two young bears who have no-one to care for them until a social worker bear finds them. It’s a beautiful book that explains adoption to all children.

Seven children's adoption books

Holly Marlow

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several of Holly’s books. They all look at different aspects of the adoption process and from different perspectives. Click on the book titles to read my reviews: Room in the Nest: A Foster Care Story; So You’ve Adopted a Sibling; Adopting a Little Brother or Sister Delly Duck: Why A Little Chick Couldn’t Stay With His Birth Mother

Eddy Finds a Family

This is another lovely picture story book that helps young children understand some of the aspects of adoption, using beautiful, colourful illustrations.

Mikenda Plant

Mikenda, a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, has written two wonderful books that explain issues like neglect, big feelings and adoption, in a gentle way to help young children begin to understand what they mean. Click on the book title to read my review. Tippy Moffles Mirror, Billy Moffle’s Straight Lines

Erin and Roderick Discover Families

Families are made up in lots of different ways. This lovely book covers some of the ways, including adoption.

Olly and Lilly: The Search for a New Race Team

My eldest daughter really enjoys reading this book. There’s something about the characters being bikes that caught her attention. Another lovely book that explains why children sometimes have to move placements before their final move.

The Family Fairies

This is one of the first books we read with our daughter. It’s written by Rosemary Lucas and the book has been a great tool for us to use to talk about our children’s life story with them.

Seven adoption books for kids
The Family Fairies

Head over to the book review section to read my reviews of other adoption and parenting books.


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