What’s the Best Position for a Bed?

The best bed position.

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It makes perfect sense for bed placement to be the most crucial decision when arranging
your bedroom since it’s the largest and most visually prominent piece of furniture. Its positioning significantly impacts how you use your space, especially if your bedroom is
small or awkward with little room to manoeuvre.

There are two main options when positioning a bed – in the middle of the room or pushed against a wall – and several factors to consider when deciding between them.

The middle of the room

  • Great for square and rectangular bedrooms.
  • Ideal in larger spaces with lots of room for furniture.

Placing a bed in the centre of a bedroom floor can work well for square or rectangular rooms. This symmetrical layout tends to make the most efficient use of floor space, with room for nightstands and other furniture on either side of the bed.

Centrally located divan beds also create a spacious, open feel in a bedroom by eliminating closed-off corners. This can make the room appear larger and brighter. For contemporary or minimalist decor styles, a free-standing bed in the middle of the room makes a striking style statement, especially with a sleek bed frame.

The best place for a bed. Bed against the middle of a wall
Pictured: Silentnight Mirapocket 1400 Puriel Divan Bed with optional Ottoman Storage solution.

Potential downsides to middle placement

Making the bed accessible from all sides means more floor space is occupied, reducing open areas for other furniture pieces or circulation pathways.

Placing your bed centrally may disrupt the natural traffic flow from the doorway to other parts of the room, such as the door to the window. Additionally, the bed may dominate the space visually when positioned centrally in a smaller bedroom.

Against the wall

  • Great for L-shaped bedrooms.
  • Ideal for children’s rooms to maximise play space.

Placing the bed against a wall is likely the better layout in long, narrow bedrooms with unusual dimensions. This is especially true of L-shaped bedrooms or rooms with unusually angled walls, where a centrally placed bed may not even fit or be accessible.

For many traditional bedroom layouts, a bed placed against the wall with nightstands flanking just makes sense aesthetically. This creates a tidy, composed look and a clear separation between the sleeping and sitting areas in the bedroom.

Beds positioned against walls also maximise access and allow windows and light fixtures to be incorporated more easily above them.

Potential downsides to against the wall placement

Placing your bed against a wall can make the space feel disconnected, especially in an already cramped room. If the bed is too large, it can dominate the wall and limit how the remaining space feels. It also eliminates the possibility of a more modern, open layout with symmetrical sightlines.

Other Considerations

When deciding on bed placement, there are a few other considerations beyond the shape and size of the room.

  • An ottoman bed is a great option for any bedroom layout since it offers both a tidy, space-saving footprint and accessible storage.
  • Examine how doors and walkways are affected. You want to fully open doors and drawers without hitting the bed.
  • Look at the room’s windows. If possible, avoid placing the bed directly under a window for privacy and temperature comfort.
  • Avoid cramming a large bed into a small space. It’s best to downsize in small rooms to maximise floor space. For example, you can get a small double instead of a double or a double instead of a king. Check out our guide on how to make the most of a small bedroom for more ideas.

The arrangement of other bedroom furniture like dressers, wardrobes and desks will also influence bed placement. Be sure to allow sufficient space around larger pieces of furniture for access and visual balance.

The truth is that with some creativity and advanced planning, you can optimise the bed layout in your bedroom regardless of its shape or size.

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