Three Top Tips For Getting Through Dry January – From Those That Have Done It

3 tips for dry January
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Yes, it’s that time of year again where we all have a go at giving up the booze. For some of us it’s easy, life changing in fact. For others we last about a week before that bottle of wine that’s been staring at us on the shelf gets cracked open.

Dry January can be an enlightening experience, not to mention being great for your health. It can be a good indicator of our relationships with alcohol and whether we need alcohol help or we can take it or leave it with no problem at all.

Many of us have tried and succeeded – here are some top tips to help you navigate dry January in the most effective way possible…

Get rid of alcohol at home

It may sound an obvious one, but actually few people rid the cupboards of alcohol when trying to do dry January, after all, it can be expensive.

However, having alcohol in the home is more likely to lead to temptation and finally caving in. So if you can, rid your home of it, or at least the drinks you are likely to consume more frequently. You might be fine leaving the expensive bottle of champagne you’re saving for a special occasion where it is.

Make alternative arrangements to the pub

While the pub or bars might be the regular hangout spot for you and your friends, make alternative arrangements in January that don’t involve alcohol. Firstly, it will help you to avoid drinking any, but secondly you’ll also have more fun.

There are so many great activities to enjoy that don’t involve alcohol. It could bring you closer together as a friendship group and help introduce you to a healthier hobby that you’ll enjoy way beyond the month of January.

Three tips for dry January
Photo by Bao Truong on Unsplash

Create a Dry January team

You’ll get much more gratification out of doing dry January if there’s a group of you doing it. You’ll feel like you are a part of a team, in it together and get encouragement and support to see it through to the end.

You can meet up regularly, form text groups and share your progress as you navigate the month, and come January you can also review how you feel from doing it, whether it’s something you are going to continue, or whether it’s time for a well deserved “cheers” with all your buddies that have been through it together.

Head over to the health and well-being section to read more about creating healthy habits.


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