The best way adopters can learn how to help their children manage some of the issues they may face as they grow up, is to listen to adult adoptees. I’m very grateful to the adoptees who’ve trusted me to share their experiences in the magazine.

This article is a round-up of some of the adoptee stories I’ve shared.

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Darcy and Ellie’s story

Click here to read Darcy and Ellie’s views on adoption. I love this interview.

Teen Talk

Scottish Adoption Teen Ambassadors share their experience of adoption in these thought-provoking blogs. Read Chloe’s three blogs, and one from Arran.

Interview with Simon Benn

Simon is founder of the “Thriving Adoptees” podcast and shares some of his thoughts about adoption. Click here to read the article.

Interview series with Lauren J Sharky

I’m very grateful to Lauren for taking part in a series of interviews covering various aspect of her experience as an adoptee. Click here to read her interviews.

Reanna’s story

Reanna shares her experience of trauma, foster care and adoption in an incredibly honest article. Click here to read it.

Tilly’s story

Tilly shares how the difficult relationship with her adopted mum led to the breakdown in her relationship with her family. Click here to read her honest account.

Healing, Belonging and Finding My Own Way as An Adoptee

Transracial adoptee Peggy shares her experience of growing up in a mainly white community in America. Click here to read it. And click here to read about how being adopted has shaped the way she parents.

Adoptee stories
Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay


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